How Can Tests Contribute to Communication?

Tests can improve communication and save time (and frustration). Bad tests can do the opposite. In this article, we’ll explore an example from real life of how bad tests are harmful and how good ones convey the right information.


How to Write Unit Tests in Rust for Tauri?

Tauri is a desktop apps framework built with Rust for its backend and JavaScript for its front end. The first thing I like to do in a project is set up a unit tests infrastructure. I found it surprisingly easy …

The One Trick to Writing Effective Tests

How do you know your test is effective? How do you know your test protects you from breaking changes? And how can you do TDD without doing TDD? The best distillment of TDD taken from a TDD workshop in JFokus.…

3 Simple Habits to Improve Your Tests

How can tests be your best documentation? What small changes can improve the contract between your code and its consumers? Learn how to improve your tests from a real-world example.

Yes, we write them to ensure fewer things break before …

Understanding Unit Tests in Javascript: 5 Frameworks

When it comes to testing, checking a single function is different from testing a complete application at once. It helps to understand the flaws in any units of the application and allows the developers to take appropriate steps. 

How unit

6 Lessons Learned from Using Playwright for UI Tests

Here are 6 practical lessons learned from a production incident, ui-test coverage (using playwright) and code review.

Today we had a small incident in production – one of my teammates found out a feature in one of our component doesn’t …

How to test HTML5 canvas with jest?

In this short article you will learn what you need to install in order to prepare a test environment for canvas operations with jest. After finishing the article, you will be ready for some canvas testing action!

In the past …

Musings about tests as documentation

This post originated from a non-english post on Linkedin. Here’s a translation of the original post:

Yes, it’s very important to me that the systems I develop are covered by tests.

In this approach I trust that external libraries that