Codetalks 2019

The Israeli Gang at CodeTalks 2019, Hamburg

Last week I’ve had the honor and pleasure to speak at CodeTalks 2019 @Hamburg.

All in all it was a great experience. The organizing team was very helpful and the event itself was organized amazingly (especially considering there were about 2000 people in the conference).

I also got to hang out with Yonatan and Liat Doron and Gal Maimon from HodashDev.

Since I had two tickets, courtesy of the conference organizers for speakers, I’ve invited Piotr and Kamil from WarsawJS. It was great hanging out with these guys.

Hanging out with awesome people – from bottom right: Liat Doron, Yonatan Doron, Kamil Dzieniszewski, me, Piotr Zientara and Gal Maimon

The first talk I’ve been to was Time Driven Development by Katerina Trajchevska. This talk was the best definition for a software architect I’ve ever heard. You really should go ahead and watch it.

Yonatan Doron’s talk about micro interactions was a refreshing breeze – design importance in the life of programmers. You should definitely check it out too.

I went to various talks – most of which were really great. I wish I could go to all… luckily, all of the talks are online on YouTube!

You can also check my talk about optimization design patterns in web development.

In summery – CodeTalks 2019 was an amazing experience. I really hope I can get back to Hamburg for CodeTalks 2020.

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