ConfrontJS 2019

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The ConfrontJS 2019 Photo Finish – great people, great vibe!

About a year and a half ago I spoke at fullstackon 2018 London. I just got off stage, and the first people to catch me were a bunch of guys who called themselves WarsawJS.

Still light headed from my talk, I let them convince me to solve some JS riddle.

I don’t really remember what was the riddle – I mainly remember the enthusiasm and energies flowing from these people.

Fast forward a year and half – it’s my second year in a row vising Warsaw for ConfrontJS. This time, I came to lead a performance workshop as well go on stage for a lightning talk.

Me - trying to live code with one hand.
Me – trying to live code with one hand. Big success 🙂

The experience, just like last year, was energizing. From what I see (and I’ve been following WarsawJS since July 2018), WarsawJS combines enthusiastic leadership, highly motivated community and a lot of talent.

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