Hacktoberfest 2020

Happy news!

Hacktoberfest is all around this month (October, if you haven’t noticed).

If you don’t know what Hacktoberfest is, here’s a short intro:

Hacktoberfest is a time period (all of October) in which Open Source contributions can win you awards. In addition, events all over the globe are being held to help anyone contribute to open source projects via mentoring and knowledge sharing.

Yonatan Kra

Happy to announce I’ll be giving a demo about an exciting Open Source project I’m contributing to: AskQL.

I’ll also be mentoring Open Source contributors during the event.

My talk will be on October 20th. Go this page to register to the event

BTW – you can sign up to Hacktoberfest, contribute to Open Source and get rewards today. Why are you still here?