Live coding an open source feature

Live Coding an Open Source Feature

How do I approach a new feature in an open source project? How do I TDD a frontend feature? What do we use for cross-browser testing? All this and more in this live coding session recording

This is the recording of the first live session.

I developed a feature taken from the issues list on Vivid – an open-source web-components based UI library.

After around an hour of live coding, Stefan and Tally joined in to add their experience regarding Jest and Playwright.

Stefan mentioned one can use the Jest each functionality to arrange the tests in a clearer and cleaner manner. He also pointed out some good points regarding the usage of spies.

Tally, who is a Playwright expert, mentioned Playwright’s out-of-the-box support for Shadow DOM as opposed to Cypress’ somewhat lacking support in that regard.

Eventually, we looked at Vivid’s in-house visual regression tests mechanism and discussed multiple challenges in cross-browser testing.

You can watch the recording here:

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